Understand the goals. Know the objectives. You can't head in the right direction if you don't know where you're going. Planning involves focused discussion, analysis, research, and experience. Yes, experience. Every project is unique, but our experience is consistent.

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A noun and a verb. We believe in design. Design that breaks new ground. Leads the industry. Sets an example. Why? Because your project deserves it. Design is only successful if it benefits the client, and we collaborate with our clients as an active partner in the process.

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Projects have budgets, schedules, phases, products and more. All elements that need to be managed. All elements that are crucial to success. Therefore, we promise diligence in client communications, cost control, schedule adherence, coordination, and attention to detail.

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Services overview

JÜNK Architects is a full service architectural firm that exists to create. Create experiences. Create solutions. Create partnerships. We provide services from master planning and pre-design through design and construction administration. In other words, we do it all. From start to finish.

Our clients are as diverse as our capabilities — private entities, public authorities, and corporate organizations. Our work transcends specialties because professionalism, quality, creativity and value are applicable to every project and every client. That's not just what we think, but what we promise.
Create community. Nothing we do matters without it. ...
Go Green. Be Green. Stay Green....
In addition to drawing, we write too. Please read along. ...
When you are as committed to your work as we are, awards are inevitable....