We focus on the following markets, but have been easily persuaded to work in others.


Create a great bottom line. That doesn’t mean a lackluster world of ‘greyge,' but offices and retail environments that create inspiring places for your employees, products and clients. Put the sparkle where it shines. Build a better business experience.

religious interior

Create a space worthy of your faith family. Embrace the community. Throw open the doors. Let the light in. When your church is home, you can grow your faith and stretch your missions. Our churches will enhance your spiritual experience.

medical interior

Create health...that’s a tall order! A pile of bricks can’t heal your patients. However, working together using simple materials, we can provide healing environments. Physical and mental healing environments to support your patients, your staff and your mission.


Create higher expectations. Civic projects aren’t for committees, they’re for citizens, veterans and public servants. Giant or small, each project deserves passion, inspiration and dedication. It’s not a resolution, it’s a long lasting experience.

community building

Create a destination to gather. The ringing echo of gathered voices. From your block, to your neighborhood, to a shared community, to your city or county, we help shape the buildings that bring people together for memorable experiences.

housing plan
Multi-Unit Housing

Create a home...for one family or hundreds! A sanctuary. A showpiece. A view. We can craft a place in the world. The address from which many life experiences will be built. A community within a community. A place to call home.